Fan Clapper

The FanClapper™ is constructed from sturdy, specially treated scored cardboard and printed on both sides. It can function as a banner to display your brand OR fold like an accordion into a noise making device to really get the fans pumped!

Even better, it's MADE IN THE USA AND it can be DELIVERED IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK which makes the FanClapper™ the perfect solution for the event that needs a quick turnaround time- the big game, political rally, convention… you name it, the FanClapper™ is multi-functional and multi-funtastic! Just when you thought you'd seen it all, a revolutionary product emerges that does it all!

It’s a BRANDING premium- a portable sign/banner perfect for displaying your brand- its lightweight, durable, easy to fold, convenient, and SAFE for all ages

It's a Clapping device- generate excitement, enthusiasm, and a bit of noise when clapping with the FanClapper™

It's a FAN- let the FanClapper™ cool you down during those intense moments of the big game or event that you're attending

It's a HOOT! - the FanClapper™ is the ultimate in fun!

Limitless Benefits and Uses

MADE IN THE USA - the FanClapper™ is made in the USA, whereas most premiums are manufactured in China

NO CUSTOMS DELAYS - FanClapper™'s are available within a couple days via U.S. manufacturing and never hung up in Customs

FUNCTIONAL - with the FanClapper™ you only have to use one hand, so you never have to put your food or beverage down

MULTIPLE USES - the FanClapper™ can function as a banner to display your brand AND a noisemaker

FAN YOURSELF - use the FanClapper™ to cool you down when sitting in the hot sun OR use it to protect your bum from a hot seat

stored in ones pocket or purse without needing to deflate the item or product when going to the rest room or leaving the arena.

ALTERNATE USES - the FanClapper™ can be used as a “sun shade” for cars and other windows

FUN - the FanClapper™ can be prominently displayed in a child’s bedroom, dorm room, office, restaurant and bar, etc. the locations are endless and only limited by ones imagination

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS - the FanClapper™'s paper-based material is easy to recycle

IF ALL ELSE FAILS - use it as an ice scraper!

Artwork Spec Guidelines

Required file types:
EPS, AI, PDF and PSD (PSD @300 dpi)

Artwork dimensions:
27 x 11.75 inches (700 x 300 mm)
0.2 inch (5 mm) bleed on all sides

Color policies to be used:

All fonts must be converted into outlines and all raster artwork must be at least 300 dpi.


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