Introducing the QR coins from DBPromotions,

Imagine a world, if you will, where you can simply point your smart phone at an image on a QR coin from DBPromotions and you are instantly directed to a web site where your clients' goods and/or services can be instantly purchased or reviewed. Amazingly, this time is now, and as some of you may already know QR technology makes this all possible with one click of a button from your smart phone or device.

We make it easy to utilize this technology:

DBPromotions - provides working QR codes that will seamlessly link to your client's website from any smart device.
DBPromotions - uses a high resolution process which makes for easy scanning from any smart phone or device.
DBPromotions - print tests each individual job to ensure QR codes are working perfectly.

Uses for QR Codes & Barcodes:

Perfect for Business Cards – Place your client contact info on one side of the coin and QR code linking to their web site on the other best of both worlds!
Product introductions – High resolution product images on one side of the coin link to website via QR code on the other. Sales can be made on the spot!
TV show promotions – Fast link via QR code to the web site containing times and dates of shows.
Also perfect for: Trade show handouts, Web site launches, Charity events, and much more.

Thank you for your support of DBPromotions Gaming Products
and we looking forward to your successful and innovative 2012!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask we are happy to help.

Best Regards!
Bill Welch,President

Custom Ceramic coins Available

Custom Ceramic casino style coins
with QR Codes

Custom Ceramic casino style coins
with Bar Codes


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