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DB Promotions Offers Unique & Exclusive Promotional Items

DB Promotions was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing our clients with some of the most unique and exclusive promotional items that can't be found elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism. We are currently offering the following exclusive items. Call us for pricing.

Glow in the Dark Coins

Our exclusive line of glow in the dark light up LED coins are offered exclusively through D&B Promotions. More info...

Micro LED Key Chains

Our Micro Light will astound with the intense light beam generated from the specially selected LEDs. More info...

Challenge Coins

Ceramic Challenge Coins Click here to view our online store are a unique alternative to metal. Full color and durable with edge printing. More info...

Why Use DB Promotions...

Your order is one of a kind, and we want to be with you every step of the way. DB Promotions is the only place you’ll find the person to person, bespoke, custom design resources and unique products you need to make your promo product the best representation of your company or event.


Clients: 1000's of happy clients


Reviews: Over 20,000 positive marks on EBAY


Support: 1000's of hours of customer service


Experience: Over twenty years in business

Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Coins

Our product is a circular coin made of a plastic material (PP). The coin will light up when simultaneously squeezing the top and bottom together with two fingers. Squeezing the light up coin once will activate the LED's inside the coin, keeping it on. Squeezing the coin again will deactivate the LED's inside the light up coin. Top side of the coin will have a slightly recessed area where a stick-on label will be applied. The label will be illuminated when the light up coin LED's is activated. (Plastic case is infused with Glow In The Dark Chemical.) The product is very durable and will be able to withstand being tossed to the ground (concrete surface) from a height of 15 feet and continue to function.


FYI for your Clients To Start 2021 In Style!

Price: Less than $1.50 with your client's logo that will Glow in the Dark! LENTICULAR LOGOS ALSO AVAILABLE.

  •   LED Powered
  •   Glow in the Dark
  •   Your Branding
  •   Durable Polypropylene
  •   Diameter: 44mm
  •   Recessed Area: Top 36mm
  •   Thickness: 6mm
  •  Raised Area Bottom: 5mm

Contact Us for Volume Pricing!

Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Coins Gallery

DB Promotions has produced these for many events and companies below are a few examples.

Military Light up Chips Coins
Military Light up Chips Coins
Light up chip coins examples
BLight up chip coins examples
American Airlines Lightup Chip Coin
American Airlines Light Up Coin
Gear Pods branded light up coin
Gear Pods branded light up coin
Keller Williams lgiht up coin
Keller Williams lgiht up coin
Bacchus Krewe Light Up Coin in Keychain Holder
Bacchus Krewe Light Up Coin
Bacchus Krewe Light Up Coin Lit Up
Bacchus Krewe Light Up Coin Glow In The Dark
Drama Coin in Keychain
Drama Coin in Light Up
Drama Coin Glow in the Dark
Houmas Krewe Coin in Keychain
Houmas Krewe Coin in Keychain Illuminated
Houmas Krewe Coin Lit Up
Houmas Krewe Coin in Keychain
Triton Krewe Light Up Coin in Keychain
Triton Krewe Coin in Keychain Lit Up
Triton Krewe Coin Lit Up
Triton Krewe Coin Glow in the Dark

Micro Light LEDs available in White, Red, Blue, and Green

About the size of a quarter, our patented Micro Light will astound you once you see the intense light beam generated from the specially selected LEDs. You may have seen Micro Lights advertised for $13, $15, or even $19. Our micro light is brighter than our competitors and is a fraction of the price. Note: DBPromotions sells only the branded, promotional version of this item, to buy unbranded in retail quantities please click here for our affiliate site: microlightguy.com

Lighting the World, One Keychain at a Time

This top quality Micro Light is brand new, factory sealed and available to you for a great low price. Once you have one of these incredible micro lights in your hand, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

  •   Unbreakable LED
  •   Shines for Over 1 Mile
  •   100,000 Hour LED Life
  •   User Replaceable Battery
  •   12 Hours of Continuous Use
  •   Switch for Always On Use
  •   Upgraded Carabiner Ring
  •  About the size of a Quarter

This tiny powerhouse of a light is astonishingly bright! It provides illumination wherever needed, is water resistant, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Every member of your family should have one. Our quality is unsurpassed.

Micro Light LED Examples

See some examples of the microlight with branding and in more detail below:

Micro Light keychain
Micro light is feature packed
Micro light modes
Micro Light is small and light
Display of six military branded micro lights
display of four glow in the dark micro lights
Micro light branded with sports team Capitals
Micro light branded with Gold Gym Logo
Micro light branded with American Airlines Logo
Micro light keychain light branded with Gear Pods logo
Micro light showing how to replace battery
Micro Light
Micro light with blue case and branded with Frost logo
Micro light with US Federal Reserve System Logo
Micro light display of eight lights with a variety of branding logos

Custom Ceramic Promo Challenge Coins

Imagine your company logo, trademark or image on your custom ceramic coin!

Why purchase a metallic challege coin when you can purchase a full color ceramic challenge chip! These ceramic chips make great promotional giveaway items for your company or event. If you are seeking a unique and quality gift for a presentation, awards ceremony, club membership or an employee’s job well done, consider custom challenge coin/chips from DBPromotions.com. Our colorful and durable keepsake will be a converation piece for generations. 

Custom Ceramic Coins are Great For Trade Shows!

Custom Ceramic Coins are Great For Trade Shows! Logo pens run out of ink, calendars go out of date. Here at last is a custom ceramic medallion! Your customers or clients will carry this with them always! Ideal for businesses, organizations, schools, restaurants, trade shows, wedding favors - your advertisement goes with your customer wherever they go!

  •   Virtually Unbreakable
  •   Full Color
  •   Stackable
  •   Can Inclue QR Code
  •   43mm Diameter
  •   3.3mm Thickness
  •   Fits in C.H.A.M.P.™ Keychain
  •  Made in the USA

Ceramic Custom Promo Coins/Chips Gallery

View some past examples of our work below:

custom chip starfleet command
custom chip military challenge coin vietnam veteran
custom chip rock tour 2010 chip as event ticket
custom chip challenge coin military army
custom chip ceramic victory junction
custom chip military american women serving
custom chip first flight centennial
custom chip military challenge coin all gave some some gave all
custom chip ceramic ces keynote giveaway
custom chip miliary challenge coin pow-mia
custom chip promo item september 11 memorial chip
custom chip ceramic military challenge coin wounded warrior
custom promotional chip for bon secours cancer institute hospital
custom challenge coin military marine corps
custom promotional ceramic full color coin for Tilted Kilt in Las Vegas
champ coin holders montage

C.H.A.M.P.™ Challenge Coin Holder with Keychain Split Ring

The C.H.A.M.P.™ (Patent Pending), short for Custom Holders Are More Personal, will hold most Military Challenge Coins and Chips!

The C.H.A.M.P.™ will hold any Military Challenge Coin measuring 2 - 3 mm in thickness and from 37mm up to 47mm in diameter (1.45" inch to 1.85" inch). The C.H.A.M.P.™ coin holder is made from lightweight, flexible "memory" plastic which both holds your coin/chip securely but also allows for easy replacement when necessary. Comes with split ring keychain attachement. Available in two colors, black or white. Can be purchased with or without a 30 inch aluminum ball chain necklace. Your challenge coin hanging from the chain can serve as a medallion that can be used as an award or medal for sporting events and academic accomplishments.

Don't Accept Imitations!

We are in the National Museum Of The Marine Corps, National Law Enforcement Museum, The Museum of the American Revolution, Intrepid Museum in New York, and Iowa Battleship Museum. Our C.H.A.M.P.™ coin holders are getting a lot of exposure!

  •   Flexible "memory" Plastic with Split Ring
  •   Available in Black or White
  •   Optional Chain Necklace
  •   Easily Replaceable with a  Secure Fit
  •   BUY NOW ON EBAY  Click here to view our online store 
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C.H.A.M.P.™ Coin & Chip Holder Product Gallery

C.H.A.M.P.™ Coin & Chip Holders with split ring keychain attachment are one of our most versatile products,combine with our custom challenge coins or promo Glow In The Dark LED Light Up Coins for the perfect keepsake or promo item that you or your clients can keep with you at all times securely while still being able to replace easily at any time.

champ keychain in white with lonestar casino chip
champ keychain in black empty
champ keychain in white empty
champ keychain in black with lucky chip
champ keychain in stand white and black
champ keychain with badge chip
champ keychain white with chain
champ keychain with coin black
champ keychain with coin white

C.H.A.M.P.™ Coin Holder Testimonials

DB Promotions has spent the last 20 years providing the best in personal customer service, sales and product production. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say.


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